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I see therapy as a space to understand ourselves better so we can free ourselves from patterns that no longer serve us, draw on courage to make challenging choices, and find peace in reality.

I believe that our mental health is partly a reflection of wider society but that focusing on ourselves in therapy can lead to healthier inner worlds, bodies, relationships and communities.

Exploring these things with a therapist can be difficult yet rewarding and can help to bring an overall sense of wellbeing.


Individual therapy

  • If you have found my website via online directories or word of mouth, maybe you’re hoping to process particular experiences such as abuse, trauma, loss, depression, anxiety or challenging relationships. Or you might be here because you’re feeling some life changes bubbling and you'd like to explore that.  If you don’t know exactly why you’re here - that's fine too - we can talk this through together. 

  • If you’re a parent, carer or young person, who has been referred to me from another service, you might have been looking for support for a while or you might be fed up of repeating your story to someone new. Either way, I will get to know you as an individual rather than any labels you might have been given along the way. 

  • If you’re a practitioner working in the health, mental health, education, social care, other caring professions or the wellness industry, you might be experiencing stress, burnout, compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma. Therapy will be a space for you to prioritise your own needs and recharge. 


  • I offer a free 20 minute introduction call

  • Online  and in person sessions are 50 minutes and can be short-term or open-ended

  • In person therapy takes place at Relational Spaces in King's Cross and Spiral Holistic Therapy Centre in Holloway.

  • Prices are £80 per 50 minute session (please ask about concessions).

Other services

Wellbeing reset 

This reset will support you to reconnect with your sense of wellbeing. It’s not about always being happy or positive but about finding sustainable satisfaction and meaning in your life.​ 


Although there will be a therapeutic lens, this is not therapy. Instead, it's a lifestyle inventory  - this means an opportunity to imagine how you’d prefer your life to be, an exploration of different aspects of your wellbeing, and a plan to embed changes in line with your values. 


After completing an online questionnaire, we will have a 90 minute session together where you will be guided through reflective, creative and solution-focussed exercises. Afterwards, you'll receive a personalised aftercare pack with guidance about how you can enhance and sustain the different domains of your wellbeing.




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About me

I am an integrative psychotherapist (UKCP and MBACP).  As well as my private practice in King’s Cross, I provide low-cost therapy at Spiral Holistic Therapy Centre in Islington.  Alongside my clinical work, I work in research, policy and practice roles to improve outcomes for children and families. You can find out more about my professional background via my Linkedin profile.

I am an integrative psychotherapist and my practice is influenced by a variety of therapeutic approaches. My focus is relational, attachment-informed and embodied.


This means I believe we can gain as much insight from how we interact, as from the content of what we say. My practice draws on childhood, inter-generational and wider cultural experiences to make sense of thoughts, feelings and sensations in the present. I believe that working with our physicality and paying attention to our bodily sensations can enhance our understanding of ourselves. 


While I don’t believe it’s possible to ever fully understand another’s experience, I hope to help you deepen your understanding of yourself and provide a caring and contained environment in which to do so. 


I am committed to incorporating anti-oppressive practice into my therapy. My professional background -  as well as exploring my own history of difference, marginalisation and privilege - has enhanced my compassion and understanding of how societal structures can impact a person's mental health. 

Contact me

Please get in touch to book a session or make an enquiry.

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